Alternative & Holistic Health Care for people and animals

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For People and Animals

A Truly Unique Experience 

Welcome to Steep Hill Stable Enrichment Centre, an alternative and holistic health & wellness facility for people and animals. We offer programs, workshops and certifications for self-improvement, healing, personal development and mental health. We are dedicated to empowering our clients through gentle, self expressive, learning and healing modalities.

Our mission is to provide clients with an environment where learning and growth happens on a very personal and individual level. We provide a safe, private and confidential place where self expression, self-discovery, self-improvement, individuality, acceptance, healing and enlightenment are supported and encouraged. Work on balancing thoughts, emotions and energy, letting go of fear, learning to trust, gaining independence, building confidence, forging new paths and reconnecting with your intuition and unique energy. Explore, discover, learn and transform by practicing critical thinking techniques, emotional intelligence, communication, leadership and engaging the mind to create new ways of thinking and being. Explore your strengths, goals and life passions, discover your true sense of self. Build on your personal, educational and professional life by learning to connect with horses on a non verbal and energetic level; transferring those skills into everyday life. Working with animals is extremely versatile and is beneficial for all ages. No horse experience is necessary, in fact, it's preferred! We offer Equine Assisted Personal Development, Reiki and Certification programs for those who wish to learn more about emotional, mental and physical health for both people and animals.

Centrally located in the beautiful and scenic hills of Bonshaw, Prince Edward Island in a private country setting. Come enjoy the breath taking scenery of the Steep Hill Stable forest and field acreage. Nearby are miles of beautiful and peaceful trails, heritage roads and streams awaiting your discovery.

Explore  -  Discover  -  Transform

We welcome private and corporate business partnership and sponsorship.

Strong local communities are the foundation for a strong global community that supports mental health.

Sunset in Prince Edward Island