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~ Your Journey Starts Here ~


 Are you looking for a true commitment? A relationship that is built on a solid foundation of trust, honesty, and authenticity? Steep Hill Stable has a few undeniably incredible horses that are ready to show you how truly amazing you really are. Our horses are looking for that special someone, a committed individual to share their time, trust and love with while building a heart to heart connection. Soulitude Connections focus on building relationships that last.


Your Commitment:

Minimum 2x per week visits

An open heart & mind

A willingness to learn, grow & connect

An investment of time in yourself and your special horse

Our Commitment:

All the necessary stuff that keeps your horse happy and healthy! 

Daily Care 



Health Checkups

Vet Visits (Routine & Emergency)

Accessories (Halters/Bridles/Saddles/Harnesses/Carts)

Supplies (Hair Care, Bath & Beauty, Brushes, etc)

Alternative Health Care


Barn, Arena & Pasture Access

 One Weekly Session of your choice (by Appointment - Mon- Fri)


We will provide a complimentary introduction to our horses with information on their unique personalities, gifts and mutual compatibility. Connection is our #1 priority!

Absolutely no horse knowledge is necessary to build an HONEST and LASTING relationship. The Soulitude connection does not require any riding experience, our horses also enjoy the quiet time to connect with their partners on the ground.


Contact us today for availability. 

*Wait list available*