Alternative & Holistic Health Care for people and animals

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~ Your Journey Starts Here ~

equine assisted personal development (eapd)

Equine Assisted Personal Development is highly beneficial for mental health support and overall wellness. Our horses are certified Reiki and Intuitive Healers who assist in therapeutic sessions with a certified Facilitator.  

Our sessions help our clients:

- Take calculated steps with courage and confidence to step out of their comfort zone;

- Improve communication skills and techniques;

- Become a leader and influence successful outcomes;

- Use their passion and energy to inspire and create new solutions and goals;

- Collaborate in a way that builds lasting personal and professional relationships;

- Walk away feeling empowered and confident;

- Build trust, integrity and empathy through teamwork;

- Create boundaries for a positive and healthy lifestyle;

- Improve self-esteem and self-respect; 

- Value themselves and others.

All over the world horses are valued for being unique teachers and healers. Horses are prey animals with highly astute senses, they hear, feel and sense the slightest changes in thoughts and intentions. As the horse responds to these stimuli the hidden dynamics, talents and challenges of our clients are quickly revealed providing a unique opportunity for learning, personal growth, healing and advancement. Horses do not judge therefore our clients find it much easier to open up with confidence and comfort. The changes experienced through our programs improve the way our clients see and experience life as a whole.

Equine Assisted Personal Development assists with depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, PTSD, occupational stress, family dynamics, school pressures and general mental health. Our sessions assist all walks of life, ages and professions.


~Member of EAL Canada~

~Member of Equine Connection International~

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

~Alexandra K. Trenfor

"When you think you are at the top of your game, life will show you there is so much more to learn"

~Ilsa Mutsaers

*Bookings by Appointment*



meditation and mindfulness

Join us for regular sit ins with the Miniature Horses while practicing guided Meditations and Mindfulness.

*Schedule to be announced*



open farm days

We are pleased to announce that we will be open to the public 2 days a week starting in June 2019. Come and spend an hour, two or even more, relaxing, taking photos and playing with the the Miniature Horses. Get to know each of our team members in an up close and personal visit! Learn how horses help people with their keen sense of compassion and honesty. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the pastures, valley and surrounding areas. Hike down the red clay heritage roads and explore the beauty of the Bonshaw area.

*Dates to be announced*

$10/Adult (16+)     $5/Child (2 - 16)     Free/Infants (0 - 2)

*Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, strollers, open toed shoes and flip flops not permitted for safety reasons*

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equine guided reiki

Wrap yourself in the healing energy of Reiki with a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Master and a Certified Reiki and Intuitive Healing Horse. 

Reiki heals on the emotional, mental and physical levels by activating the deep relaxation response, releasing stress and re-balancing the psyche (soul, mind and spirit).

~Member of International Association of Reiki Practitioners~

* Bookings by Appointment*



intuitive/angel/equine guidance

Truly get to know your own inner being, let your light shine through in a session that draws on your own energy to help guide you through important decisions and challenges. Gain clarity and harness your intuitive strength for personal and business success. Manifest your desires with the help of angels, guides, animal spirit guides and of course our highly intuitive Horses. (Oracle card reading included).

* Bookings by Appointment*


animal communication & reiki

Our combination of Animal Communication and Reiki gives your animal companion an opportunity to express themselves, release stress, stagnant energy and to receive healing. Beneath all that you see, animals are incredible beings; souls who truly want to create a connection and relationship with people on a deep level. Animals are an important part of who we are. They want to enrich our lives and to offer an opportunity to understand WHO they really are and not WHAT they are. Animals are very much sentient beings who are always completely genuine and honest. Animal Communication and Reiki sessions are an opportunity to give animals a voice and to strengthen relationships. These sessions are especially important for animals who work in the therapeutic support fields. Like all individuals, coaches, mental health professionals and healers, animals also need a form of self care to clear and recharge so they can continue to offer us their very best effort in all we ask them to do.

 Our sessions translate subtle energies, thoughts and emotion into words. A deep relationship with your animal allows you to reach solutions and resolutions through understanding and love for the highest good of all. My role as a Translator, Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master can improve emotional, mental and physical comfort for your animal; bringing a new level of clarity, certainty and understanding about their own unique needs. Identifying seemingly minor concerns can help avoid future issues or injuries and help to keep them healthy and happy. Animal Communication and Reiki saves time, energy and resources as it is derived directly from the source, the animal. 

I value my time with clients and each session is very sacred. It is, therefore, important that my clients understand first and foremost, I am here for you and your animals.

I look forward to sharing this incredible experience together!


Consultation & session summary included, mobile service available.


yoga with miniature horses

Come and join us in the country for a well deserved break from the rush of daily life. Decompress, relax, stretch and breath in some fresh country air while sharing space with a few of our Miniature Horses while you practice yoga! This is a beginner class but welcomes all abilities. Why Miniature Horses? Horses have a unique ability to feel, sense and heal. They naturally lower our heart rate and help regulate our breathing allowing us to relax. These sessions will be sure to offer you a great appreciation for nature and self care.

*Dates to be announced*

youth leadership camps

a unique adventure with animals and nature

Build confidence, self-esteem, communication, trust, self-awareness, courage, respect, leadership, empowerment, problem solving, empathy, emotional intelligence and many more skills with our weekend Youth Leadership Camps. These super fun and action packed day camps teach the importance of making healthy choices and learning to connect with nature while working with the miniature horses in a safe and certified environment. All ages welcome as we encourage collaboration while building community and practicing leadership skills.  

Some of our activities include:

Art & Crafts
Nature Walks
Yoga & Mindfulness with Miniature Horses
Skills development with Miniature Horses
Scavenger Hunts

Caring for animals
Pony Painting (pony paint is safe for ponies & people!)
Creating memories that last a Lifetime!

Our Youth Leadership Camps are led by a certified Equine Assisted Personal Development and Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. No horse experience is necessary. Criminal Record & Vulnerable Persons Check Cleared, First Aid Certified. 4:1 ratio, Camper - Adult facilitator/Instructor

~Building leaders today for a brighter tomorrow~

*Dates to be announced*

$150/2 day camp

Daily rate available


Animals are renowned for their incredible ability to comfort and heal. The Reiki Practitioner certification for animals is the perfect addition to boost and support those who are involved in Health and Wellness programs, Equine Assisted Learning and Coaching, Equine Therapy and at home health practices. Animals who work in a professional capacity require educational learning and advancement to stay ahead of industry growth as well.


This highly beneficial certification is making a remarkable impact on human healing. With the animal's consent, the certification process provides a specifically designed attunement and connection to a higher state of spiritual energy assisting in the clearing, recharging and balancing of the human psyche.  

Certification includes Reiki treatment, communication session, attunement and practitioner certificate.

$175/certification session

*Mobile service available*

summer branches


Use these alternative and holistic skills on a personal level, with your existing business or to provide others with private professional holistic services. This certification will maximize the effectiveness of your current or future programs and services by providing you with tools to create and maintain happy, energetically balanced, emotionally and physically healthy animals. 


Animal Communication is an ability we all have to feel, hear, see and know the energy of animals. The 'clair senses' are skills that we all have, but have lost touch with in the rush of daily life. We use these skills on a daily basis without even realizing it, they simply require re-connection, guidance, refining and practice. 


Animals become accustom to sensing, reading, giving and receiving personal "vibration". Once they sense a willingness that information will be received, they tune in to share their thoughts, feelings and needs. This practice is very efficient for identifying issues, providing clarity and relevance as the information comes straight form the source, the animal. Combining Animal Communication and Animal Reiki healing is a natural fit, it provides a well rounded holistic support system for emotional, mental and physical animal health. 

Certification workshops promote deep, soulful relationships with animals, helping to reveal information that contributes to their personality, behavior, physical health and what they require for a balanced life. Animal Communication and Animal Reiki healing can help release traumatic emotions and memories, guiding animals to make important transitions and achieve success moving forward in their life's mission (soul purpose).

“I worry about what my animal will say about me.”

Often people are concerned about what the animal might express. Animals carry extraordinary unconditional love for the people they connect with. They are happy and willing to communicate, expressing themselves with helpful, loving information.


Practitioner Training:

Module 1 - Physical components - practicum on self and family animals, exam.

(Home practitioner - no fees charged for services or treatments)


Module 2 - Emotional components - practicum on self, others, family & other animals, exam. 

(Social practitioner - no fees charged for services or treatments)


Module 3 - Spiritual components - practicum on self and clients in a professional capacity, exam. (Professional practitioner - fees charged for services or treatments)


*Dates to be announced*

Group & private workshops available

special events

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Follow our Facebook page for information on special events including:


Painting workshops

Jewelry workshops

Vision board gatherings

Artists handcrafting workshops

Authentic You workshops

Anti - bullying workshops for youth 

Workplace anti - bullying workshops for adults

and more...

In Development:

SRT - Stress Release Techniques

Read With Me - Our pilot reading program for youth involving Miniature Horses.


Mommy/Daddy and Me - Our pilot reading program for infants/toddlers involving Miniature Horses. 

*Individual and groups welcome.*


*Dates to be Announced*

dried flowers



(Pony paint is non-toxic, washable and safe for ponies and people!)